On becoming a World Traveler…part 1

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably come to the realisation that oh, this girl doesn’t live anywhere. (Or she lives everywhere) depending on how you look at it. How is it that I’ve been to 10 countries in 2017 alone? The short answer- I got lucky as hell. The complex answer- I manifested my destiny. Since I’d like this post to be longer than a paragraph, I’m gonna dive into the complexities.

So, I grew up in Los Angeles, California. I was working as a waitress from the age of 18 to 25- one year ago. College wasn’t really in the cards for me. I enrolled, twice, never attended. I even took my placement tests- mediocre in Math, exceptional in English, which came as no surprise to me. I have always had a knack for reading and writing since the fourth grade when we started getting into poetry. It was just easy for me.

Fast-forward to my early 20’s, I realised no career appealed to me. So why should I go to college? I loved writing. I loved art. I loved food. I loved travel. I loved not paying for courses that I didn’t have any interest in, to obtain a degree that I probably wouldn’t use. But let’s be honest; I did not like waiting tables. So I thought, “Ok, if I had to map out how I want my life to look, how would it be?” Ok pause. I didn’t just think it. I actually wrote it down.

I want to travel the world. I want to live in Europe for a while. I want to write freely and as much as I can daily. I want to be able to make a living off of my talents so that I don’t have to work jobs that I am quite frankly, not cut out for.

(I didn’t get the waitress of the year award, let’s put it that way.) So in a nutshell, that’s what I wrote. I visualised myself sitting at a cafe in Paris writing my novel and drinking espressos all day. Disclaimer: I haven’t actually made it to France yet, but I undoubtedly will.

So this isn’t the part where I say I wrote my first book and it made it on the best sellers list and I took all my money and booked a one way to Europe. That would be cool. And probably a bit more inspiring. But I’m not writing to inspire you now. I’m just writing the truth.

My journey unfolded in a very spontaneous, unexpected way.

I left work one night with a friend and headed to the Bungalow, a cozy, social lounge/bar. This is where I run into, well, ran away from, a tall handsome Swiss man.

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