On becoming a World Traveler…part 2

I’ll skip the romantic details for another time but we meet Mischa Janiec. Currently single, living in Switzerland and visiting LA for another week. We got close to say the least, and end up continuing this “flirty friendship” long distance via text..snapchat..all the possible ways that make long distance relationships seem actually not so long these days. Fast forward I’d say…two months. He asks me, “Do you want to travel with me to Thailand?” And while barely knowing the guy, barely having any travel experience, and barely any money in my savings account (ok, not having a savings account), I say, “YEAH SURE!”

Tip #1: Start saying yes. Don’t overthink. Listen to your heart. Make challenges seem possible and go for them.

So what did I do? I got a second waitressing job. I worked from 8am-3pm then rushed to the other restaurant and worked 4pm-11pm. It was exhausting but I managed to save enough money to book my ticket and essentially, change my life. But not right away.

After the trip was over, I went back to my life, my job and my long distance, now romantic, relationship. I continued to make short trips to spend time with Mischa but eventually my boss got tired of all the requested off time that I was fired.. essentially. So I ended up working in catering which, if you’re in catering let me just say, GOD BLESS YOU. Hardest job of my life. 15-20 hour days. I’m not kidding. The money was good but my health was deteriorating. I was unfulfilled and unhappy. One day on the phone I was complaining to Mischa about my situation. He said, “So what do you want to do?” I said there’s nothing I can do. He said, “Do you want to quit and come here?” I said, “Well….yeah.”

Tip #2: Say what you want! Ask for things. If you believe that you cannot get what you want in this world, you will not get it.

I quit my job the next day and booked a one way ticket to Switzerland. I have been constantly traveling the world with the love of my life ever since. I started off working for Mischa. I learned how to film and edit vlogs to help grow his YouTube channel towards an English audience. I become more skilled and equipped to take proper photography. And I write emails to companies for social media marketing.

Now, one year later, we have established a system which works for us as a team. We support each other in different ways. Now that he’s hired a new videographer, I am encouraged to take my inspiration and drive it through writing again. Hence, bringing together the full scope of the vision I always had for myself.

Tip #3: If you aren’t ready to start your own endeavors, work for someone you can learn from. Someone who inspires you. Everyone needs a mentor. Even your mentors need mentors.



  1. I love this story (especially part ), because it’s consistent with what I have experienced and believe to be true about manifestation. Since adolescence, I’ve repeatedly “imagined” myself in certain situations, doing certain things throughout my life. Those have each manifested in different ways; not necessarily in the exact ways that I imagined, but in big enough ways to show me that visualization is truly a remarkable tool. Your story is another powerful example of how our minds craft our lives, guiding our dreams to fruition.

    Whatever you have in life was meant for you, because you manifested it. Thanks for sharing the journey!

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  2. Sarinia, this is a wonderful story to teach that you should know where you want to go in order to get there. I love the vision you wrote down and I’m so happy you manifested it fur yourself.
    Keep up with all the good work you are putting out there.

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