5 Things You Need To Know About Men

So, to stay high on my accuracy level, I thought I’d ask my guy for his take on the subject while I was writing this post. His answer:

Men are rational. Men need blowjobs. Men are hungry.

(He was pacing back and forth looking for food when he said this.)

This reinforced my key point number one.

Point #1: Men are simple.

You know how women are complex creatures which no matter how much men study will just. never. get.? Yeah…men aren’t like that. And the only reason you may think you don’t get him, is because you’re assuming he’s as complex as you are. (in other words… giving him too much credit.) Now I’m not saying men are stupid. In fact, this quality may even make them smarter than us. (In this aspect) Simple = Efficient. Simple = Easy. If you want to know what’s up with him, ladies, just ask. He’ll tell you. And pleeaase, do not try to read between the lines. Unlike women, they mean it when they say nothing’s wrong. They mean it when they say you can have the last bite of cheesecake. If they wanted it, they’d undoubtedly eat it.

Point #2: Men are logical.

Not so emotional. While women use their hearts, men use their heads, hands… and other things. Since you’re literally not the only woman in the world, he will literally not act like you are. Yes they look at other women. That’s a good thing. If he didn’t, he’d be gay. Do you want a gay boyfriend? I didn’t think so. Men are not the species you vent to, as you do with your girlfriends. Why? They hear a problem, they try to fix it. Hands on. If they can’t fix it, they get frustrated about your problem. Women are able to listen, nod and say, “yeah, I totally understand your frustration.” Men don’t get that. And we find ourselves saying, “Why can’t you just be there for me? Why are you so insensitive?” Because he’s a man. Let him be a man, and know when to call your girls.

Point #3: Men value acceptance.

Take him or leave him. But do not try to change him. You cannot force a man to grow up any faster than the rate he’s growing. I know, it seems like an eternity. But that’s your man and he needs your support during this long treacherous process. This goes for commitment as well. No rushing or forcing. Just loving. This isn’t just a man thing. Women also want to be loved for who they are. So if something bothers you about him, try to reflect on yourself first. Maybe it’s in fact a problem you have to work on, and not him. Keep in mind the things you love about him, and remember no one can be an “all around guy”. Keep space for areas you can compromise on, otherwise NO man will make you happy.

Point #4: Men like control.

Since we’re talking about men here, let’s keep in mind their higher trait: masculinity. Let’s not strip them of that. More than anything this is a respect thing. Let your man drive. Let him figure out the directions when you’re lost. Let him win an argument sometimes. Just sometimes. Let him grab your bag for you. In fact, ASK him for things! “Baby, can you hold this, it’s heavy. Babe, can you open this?” This is biological. Men need to feel needed. Otherwise, what are they here for? I know you feminists have a hard time with this one, but it has nothing to do with men thinking woman are incapable. They just need to feel masculine.

Point #5: Men need support.

On the other hand of point number four, men also like to be taken care of. This can be done in so many ways. Whether you cook for him, clean, schedule his doctor appointments, or just plain support his ego. Tell him he looks big when you know he’s been working hard at the gym. Ask him how work is going and if he’s stressed, massage his shoulders. Take the initiative to make a dinner reservation for two. And above all else…Men really love blowjobs.


  1. This is so true!
    I figured out these things myself during my relationship but I would have never been able to write them down or even find the right words to describe. So thank you for this!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Although I agree with most of this, there is so much BS in here I literally don’t know where to start. – this is coming from a women who is far from being a feminist btw
    To all women: No, it’s not a ok for your man to be looking at other women just because its logical. And no, you don’t need to make a grown mans doctors appointment. Ladies, its ok to uphold men to values and virtues… Still a fan though!


    1. I’m pretty sure men don’t need to look at other women in order to prove their not gay. If you see a couple walking together and the man flat out checks out another girl, that does seem a tad bit disrespectful? I don’t see how expecting a man to stay because of the attributes I bring to the relationship like my values, knowledge and beliefs is being insecure. It seems more insecure to believe we need to do these favors (or blowjobs) for them in order to get them to stay, doesn’t this just make is convenient for them to stay?


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