100 Ways to Self Love

  1. Drink water.
  2. Stretch.
  3. Look in the mirror. Smile this time.
  4. Deep breath.
  5. Release.
  6. Close your eyes. Massage your limbs.
  7. Cook yourself a healthy meal.
  8. More fruits. More veggies.
  9. Less suffering.
  10. Take a walk.
  11. Listen to your favorite songs.
  12. Sing. Louder.
  13. Take a hot shower.
  14. Take a salt bath.
  15. Exfoliate.
  16. Light candles.
  17. Oil your skin.
  18. Sit. Be still.
  19. Wear the dress. The one you’ve been saving.
  20. Go to lunch. The place by the water.
  21. Take off your shoes.
  22. Walk on the sand.
  23. Swim in the ocean.
  24. Get your hair wet.
  25. Dance.
  26. Move your body. Break a sweat.
  27. Challenge yourself.
  28. Do the thing. The thing you put off.
  29. Make yourself proud.
  30. Have a cup of tea.
  31. Have another.
  32. Write down your thoughts.
  33. Write down your goals, visions and dreams.
  34. Write down your story.
  35. Write yourself a letter. Come back to it.
  36. Read a book.
  37. Put your phone away. Out of sight.
  38. Take a social media cleanse.
  39. Unfollow people who don’t serve you.
  40. Take a comparison cleanse. Don’t come back to it.
  41. No stress today. Life is beautiful.
  42. No makeup today. You are beautiful.
  43. Nourish your hair. Cut the dead ends.
  44. Lie on the floor. Give your spine a break.
  45. Practice Yoga.
  46. Meditation.
  47. Get a facial. Do your own.
  48. Watch a funny movie.
  49. Laugh.
  50. What brings you joy, do that.
  51. Eat the chocolate.
  52. Drink the wine.
  53. Next time, have the green juice.
  54. Don’t overindulge.
  55. Don’t deprive.
  56. Listen to Oprah.
  57. Listen to Sadhguru.
  58. Listen to Osho. (to name a few)
  59. Stop the thing. The thing that pains you.
  60. Make the decision.
  61. Don’t overthink.
  62. Look at the sky. What it can do.
  63. Look at your hands. What they can do.
  64. Kiss your hands.
  65. Reach for the sky.
  66. Let out a sigh.
  67. Jump up and down.
  68. Run.
  69. Cleanse your home.
  70. Cleanse your mind.
  71. Get rid of the clutter.
  72. Open the windows.
  73. Embrace the breeze.
  74. Buy yourself flowers.
  75. Walk in a garden.
  76. Sleep for 8 hours.
  77. Take a nap.
  78. Take a break.
  79. Leave your city.
  80. Leave your toxic relationship.
  81. Leave your unfulfilling job.
  82. Do something new.
  83. Paint.
  84. Go to bed/wake up early.
  85. Do something you’re great at.
  86. Master a skill.
  87. Set daily affirmations.
  88. Lie in the sun.
  89. Go to the sauna.
  90. Sweat.
  91. Take a cool shower.
  92. Climb a mountain.
  93. Go to the gym.
  94. Play.
  95. Do something fun.
  96. Be a kind person.
  97. Forgive yourself.
  98. Cry if you need to.
  99. Watch a sunset. Be reminded endings are beautiful.
  100. Watch a sunrise. Be grateful for new beginnings.

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