Finding the Perfect Person

It is not a rare statement to hear that relationships take work. So why is it so rare to see people actually working on them? We work in the beginning to show another person our best side. We work to impress, in order to gain. And once it’s done, meaning the game, we have ourselves a committed relationship and the work is finished.

So people are blaming time now. Oh, the beginning is sweet and exciting but after time, it gets dull and boring and lifeless. No. Time is not responsible for a dull life. You are. And ultimately the truth is, you don’t need to focus on putting more work into the relationship. You need to work on bettering yourself (or becoming your higher Self). If you are living a fulfilling and charged life, that energy will automatically flow into your relationships. If you are focusing on love and positivity and health for yourself, then chances are high that that is the focus of your relationships.

It’s so easy to play the blame game. “It’s their fault because they always do this or they never do that anymore…” We need to take responsibility and ask what we are contributing to our relationships. A question to ask coming from a loving place is, “how am I adding to this persons life?” Rather than, “what am I getting out of this relationship?” How do you want to show up in the world for yourself and those around you?

I had a friend who told me she made a list documenting the “perfect man”. And that in creating this list, she was manifesting this person somewhere in the universe to come and find her. The list might have read something like; handsome, funny, kind, loyal, sexy, rich, driven, successful…etc. Write this list. However you imagine the ideal partner. Now, be that person. Because whoever they are, they are looking for that same person.

BE the kind of person you want to be with.

You will always be in imperfect relationships. So you can either work on the one you’re in, or you can jump from one person to the next looking for something that doesn’t exist. The perfect person.

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