Why Setbacks Are Never Bad

There are times I have found myself practicing something other than what I preach and in turn, falling down this self deprecating road of “anti preaching”. Telling myself that I am a fraud, a hypocrite, and in no position to offer my knowledge and skill set until I perfectly (do life right) and make no mistakes. Recently as I lay in my hotel bed in Dubai on the brink of self loathing, a switch went off. I decided to move forward.

What we often do and I see it in people all the time, is live in the past. We watch reruns of an episode we lived instead of creating a new show. We assume we have “ruined everything” and nothing will be better until we can go back in time and make some adjustments. But clearly, no matter how much we visualize it, that can’t be done. So instead, we can do something else. And it’s very easy to do if you just LET GO of that resistance.

Choose to say, “Today sucked. Let’s make tomorrow better.” “I skipped the gym, (maybe for the last 3 months) tomorrow, I am going.” “I ate way too much junk food this week, for lunch I’m eating salad.” “I was super negative all day, now I’m going to say something positive out loud.” “I reacted super badly to that situation, I am going to investigate within and find out why I acted like that.” “I watched way too much Netflix today, before bed I will read for 20 minutes.”

Whatever it may be, failure does not have to be extreme and last for years. No! We can make little daily failures, and correcting them every time results in daily successes! Setbacks are GOOD, because they allow you to see areas in which you are still struggling and in taking responsibility to see them, you can work on them. No one is born great. People are great because they are constantly working on themselves. They don’t just let themselves stay lazy, stay unhealthy, stay unhappy, stay unpleasant…etc. They want to be better. But no one gets better overnight. Self development is a practice. You can read every self help, self love, yogi meditation book there is, but if you don’t practice what you know daily, that knowledge becomes dormant and useless.

It’s hard to take responsibility. It’s much easier to blame circumstance, outside factors,  other people… and that’s what makes change hard. But once you are able to say, ok I was being a little lazy in this area of my life, no big deal, I can work on that, BAM. You’ve just made the hardest, yet most simple step there is. And guess what, you will CONTINUE making that step in life. You will get it all together for days or weeks or months and yes, you will have another setback. You will make another mistake. Your weaknesses will show up again. So don’t ever expect perfection. And don’t ever assume anyone else has mastered life. The only difference between you and the person you look up to, is that they are not as hard on themselves. They make the decision to right their wrongs much sooner before self loathing becomes an option. So give yourself a hug and get it together. The sun is shining. (At least here it is.)

Light and love from Thailand, my friends-



  1. Geez! Sometimes I really feel like my spirit has been cloned in you! You don’t know how many things you eloquently state that I have thought or jotted down. I’m so thrilled that you have the opportunity and are expressing so beautifully! Can’t wait for your first book! Love ya to the ✨ 🌟⭐️💫


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